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Adam�s Ultra Foam Shampoo is a super concentrated soap that works great with pressure washer Foam Cannons, Foam Guns, or with your 2 bucket wash!

Key Features:
- 10x The Suds of A Standard Soap
- Does Not Remove Existing Protection
- Designed To Maximize The Foaming Capabilities of A Foam Cannon
- Concentrated, pH Neutral Formula
- Wildberry Fragrance
- Made In The USA
- Designed To Foam

We aimed to make this the perfect shampoo for Foam Guns & Foam Cannons. Don't worry, it works great in the bucket too.

pH Neutral
Ultra Foam is pH neutral, so you don't have to worry about water spots on your finish.

Concentrated Formula
A little goes a long way. Just a few ounces provides plenty of foam to wash an entire vehicle.

Adam's created this easy to use soap for any detailing enthusiast, whether a weekend warrior or car care expert. For maximum foam potential, pair with the Adam�s Foam Cannon for use in full sun or any indoor setting. For optimal car cleaning results, an effective car wash soap must produce thick luxurious suds that target and eliminate contamination for a spot-free finish!

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