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Brake pads are an important part of braking systems for all types of vehicles. It is essential to always keep your braking system in good shape. Brake pads are steel backing plates with friction material bound to the surface facing the brake disk. When a brake pad is heated up by coming into contact with either a drum or rotor, it starts to transfer small amounts of friction material to the disc or pad (that is the reason a brake disk has a dull grey). The brake rotor and disk (both now with friction material on), will then “stick” to each other to provide stopping power. The friction of the pad against the disk is however responsible for the majority of stopping power. Consistent braking performance through the use of carbon ceramic friction material. Design and manufacturing under original equipment specifications assures superior quality. Quiet, smooth and low dust operation under all braking conditions. Brake shims meet or exceed original equipment specifications to achieve extreme low noise and reduce vibrations. Non steel, organic formula provides longer pad and rotor life.
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